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By purchasing the blog you can ensure your business has the content and will continue to generate High Quality Content on Autopilot through the Power of AI. Drive traffic, subscribers, clients, reviews, sales and more with little to no effort.

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Completely Configured to Run on Autopilot – This site has been completely configured and built to run on autopilot. It offers all the features listed below and gives you the freedom to customize and configure everything including content generation. However, if you are looking for an automated, out of the box solution, this site offers that as well.

AI Generated Blog Posts – Easily create amazing blog posts that are 100% optimized for Google and organic search. We also have a variety of blog post type templates that can be created including video posts, content posts, product reviews, top 10 posts and more.

Automate Everything – With this site you can set up one automation and automatically create posts on a timed interval and automatically publish them to your social media channels. The site comes with over 15 automations already set up and creating the kind of content you see, automatically, every day.

Create Posts Manually with AI – You can create these high quality posts with the power of AI manually to fit your specific content generation needs. Creating these posts can be done in under 30 seconds by filling out a simple form.

Over 70 Existing High Quality Posts – We have over 70 high quality, 1,500 word posts that include images, videos and are 100% optimized for organic search.

100% Original Content – All content on this site and all automated post content is 100% original.

Use Your Own Domain Name – The content on this site has not yet been submitted to Google, so if you want to put this site under your own business’ custom domain name like, we can set that up for you.

100% SEO Optimized with AI – All Pages, Posts and Category Pages have been optimized with the power of AI. This includes keywords, Titles, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Image Alt Tags and More. All posts created through automations and manual creation are optimized with AI as well.

Complete Control – You have complete control over content if you want granular capabilities in the prompting, editing and publishing process. You can choose as much or as little of the process you want to automate.

No Previous Experience Needed – You need absolutely to previous experience in running or managing a website.

Social Media Integration – You can automatically publish all content to YouTube, TikTok, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Medium and many additional platforms. This site is also integrated with and Zapier for any needed automations.

Affiliate Revenue Product Posts are integrated with Amazon Associates so you can earn affiliate revenue off of any product comparison purchases.

AI Assistant – This site also has your very own AI assistant to help you do a number of different things including coming up with content ideas, generating ideas for subject matter topics, ask questions about things like social media marketing and search engine optimization, as well as many other things you would normally pay consultants $1,000’s for.

Email Marketing Software Integration – New email subscribers are automatically sent to your email marketing provider.

Business Reviews – Your Business Reviews are featured prominently on the home page and in the site bar of post, category and blog pages.

Generate Reviews – We have included an innovative review funnel on the Review Request page. You can send customers to this page. If they rate your business 4 or 5 stars, they will be directed to their platform of choice to leave the review. If for whatever reason they rate your business 1 to 3 stars, a form will be provided that will be submitted to you, giving you the chance to correct the issue before the review is left publicly.

Facebook Style Wall – The Recent Updates Page provides a Facebook style wall where your new posts are published to. You can also post and social media activity, company updates, images, videos or any other information you want to highlight on the site.

Ongoing Support and Video Tutorials – We will fully support the site and any needs you have. We also have video tutorials showing how to manage any aspect of the site and content creation.

Site Customization – You can completely customize every aspect of the sites look, feel, color scheme, typography and much more. If you have an existing site you are integrating this blog into, we would be happy to match the design for you.


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